O10 is a response to the need for reconsidering STEM professional learning provisions, so as to effectively facilitate STEM teachers respond to their challenging roles as learners, facilitators of students learning and members of educational communities. The document aims to inform curriculum design in STEM teacher education by providing recommendations for policy and policy making towards a new model for STEM professional learning that can respond to current challenges –contextual, thematic, methodological and outcome related - in STEM teachers CPD.

The content of this publication is informed by activities conducted in the frame of ELITe project - which aims to highlight the links between inquiry skills practicing and STEM teachers’ competence development. In the course of the project, one-day events were conducted in May and June 2019 in the national contexts of Greece, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain, under the scope of negotiating with educational stakeholders the validity of the project’s understandings on STEM teachers’ competences enhancement through inquiry based learning (IBL) methodology. In the course of the events participants were presented key outcomes of the ELITe project relating to the implementation and evaluation of the project’s approach and engaged on, reflected on and negotiated the strengths and limitations of the project’s approach for STEM professional learning in their national contexts. Results from the negotiation process are embedded in this document - in which suggested are proposals for enhancing STEM teachers’ curricula towards ensuring teachers’ inquiry and reflective practice.

O10 aims to provide the basis for the establishment of dialogic process between research, policy and practice towards effective STEM CPD provisions. On such a basis, educational stakeholders may reflect on their own policy context and consider how strategic policy priorities are not only achieved but also negotiated for further educational improvements.

O10 is available both in the form of an extended document as well as in the form of a briefing document (both in EN and in the countries languages) for dissemination and exploitation purposes.

Recommendations: extended document [EN]

Recommendations: briefing documents [EN], [EL], [NL], [BG], [ES


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