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  • Supporting STEM teachers' inquiry and reflective practice: the ELITe project framework for competence development under an inquiry approach [EN]

This document aims to inform curriculum design in STEM teacher education, by providing a framework for teachers’ competence development under an inquiry based learning approach. The framework – developed and validated in four national EU contexts, namely in Greece, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain- aims support STEM teachers’ development of knowledge, skills and attitudes so that they can effectively address their roles as lifelong learners, facilitators of students’ learning and members of educational communities. Whereas current prevailing approaches in initial and continuous training programs focus on subject knowledge, pedagogy and ‘practice’ (classroom-based training), the ELITe approach for STEM CPD calls for the need to address teachers’ competence development goals, articulated as knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by teachers to address their challenging roles. The core innovation element of the ELITe framework is the adaptation of the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) methodology in STEM teachers’ training, on the basis of evidence from ELITe implementation on the links between inquiry skills practicing and STEM teachers’ competence development. Contextual aspects affecting effective provision of CPD in the above mentioned countries have been taken into consideration, while challenges and needs in terms of renewing the thematic of STEM teacher training have been also addressed.

  • Guidelines for STEM teachers' inquiry and reflective practice: Key messages documents [EN], [EL], [NL], [BG], [ES]  

This document aims to support teachers changing practice towards competence development. It provides guidelines for good practice towards developing knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective STEM teaching, as well as guidelines for effective participation in the professional learning community exchanging and communicating about good practice – as emerged from the implementation of the ELITe’s project “Learning in teaching via e-inquiries” approach in the four partnership countries.

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